Spring Registration

We have found a work around for the registration issue. Using the registration link and coupon code below, you will be able to register without making the payment and then I will send a payment link to you when we get it fixed.

Please use the coupon code when prompted. If your student’s permit number (not the CE number) starts with a C, put an A or B instead and it should  work. Please send me the correct permit number after you register.

Coupon Code:   GENS2021










Our goal as we move forward with the Winter Driver Education program is to keep our students and instructors safe and healthy as we provide driver training to high school students as they learn to be safe and courteous drivers. We must follow state guidelines from the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Education in everything we do. With these goals and guidelines in mind we had to make some changes to how our program provides instruction. 


The biggest change is moving our classroom portion to an online format. We will be using Zoom meetings at your regular classroom times supplemented with YouTube videos. Students are required to be available during their entire class time and to be in a location where they are able to learn and interact with the class. Your instructor may schedule an outside presenter at various times throughout the course during these meetings depending on availability etc.The Zoom meetings are required and count as class attendance. I’m sure many of you have discovered that this kind of instruction does take some personal discipline but also provides some flexibility. It is important that your student stay up with the assigned work in the class. Again, I want to reiterate that the Zoom classes are mandatory and required in order to complete the class and receive the ODOT waiver card.


The chapter tests and the final written exam will be administered using Google Forms. The chapter tests are open book and collaborative. We want you to learn the information! The final test is closed book and will be proctored during your last Zoom meeting. We still need you to demonstrate that you know the information!


Our behind the wheel training will start December 12th. We have developed a policy to help keep everyone safe and our vehicles clean, please see our Written Emergency Procedures for Behind the Wheel Training for full details. Face coverings will be required in the vehicles and we would like to request that students make sure they bring one with them to every driving session.


There will not be any classes or drive labs during the Winter Break from December 21st to January 3rd. We will resume classes and drives on January 4th. .   


 We are really excited to be able to continue preparing safe drivers for our roads and look forward to working with you and your student. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. 




Tony Summers

Program Manager

2804 SW 6th St.

Redmond, OR 97756

(541) 693-5697