2018 Summer Registration


Welcome to our registration page.  Here are a few things you will need to know:

  • IMPORTANT: Due to the condensed nature of our Summer terms students cannot miss any classes
  • Student must have valid permit to register
  • Age 18 or licensed drivers will not be eligible for the ODOT waiver card
  • You will be asked for credit card information upon completion of this form
  • Total cost of the program is $335
  • If student is or will be 18 or licensed before the end of the program there will be an additional $65 charge
  • Payment plans and scholarship options available on the last page of this form
  • Scholarship fees may be a total of $235 (we ask for at least a $117.50 deposit
  • WARNING:  Clicking submit at the end of our registration page will send you a confirmation email that lists your choices. Your spot will not be held until you submit credit card information. If you are unable to pay with a credit card contact our office for payment information as your spot will not be held unless you do.   


Fill out my online form.