Welcome to our Fall registration page.  

Here are a few things you will need to know:

  • Student must have a valid permit to register.
  • We suggest that the student has some driving experience before class begins.
  • You will be asked for credit card information upon completion of this form
  • The total cost of the program is $385 for most students ($75 Scholarship discounts and payment options are available. To qualify for scholarship student must be enrolled in Free and Reduced Meal program in their district. RPA students receive a discount through their school)
  • If student is or will be 18 or licensed before the end of the program cost is $595 (scholarships do not apply)
  • Age 18 or licensed drivers will not be eligible for the ODOT waiver card
  • Wait list is for Fall term only. It does not guarantee a spot for Winter registration.
  • WARNING:   Your spot will not be held until you submit payment.  


Available Classes

To see a list of available classes please choose location:



Redmond Proficiency Academy