Welcome to our Spring RPA registration page. Here are a few things you will need to know:


Face coverings will be required in the vehicles and we would like to request that students bring their own if possible

“Classroom” classes will be done online and via Zoom

  • Times for the morning “Classroom” classes in Redmond are subject to change as school schedules change and may be changed to ” in person”  classes if schools require
  • There is a “Classroom” class time and a separate “Behind the Wheel” lab time you will choose 
  • Student must have a valid permit to register.
  • We suggest that the student has some driving experience before class begins.
  • You will be asked for credit card information upon completion of this form. WARNING:  Your spot will not be held until you submit payment
  • The total cost of the program is $385 for most students ($75 Scholarship discounts and payment options are available. To qualify for scholarship student must be enrolled in Free and Reduced Meal program in their district. RPA students receive a discount through their school)
  • If student is or will be 18 or licensed before the end of the program cost is $210 more (scholarships do not apply)
  • Age 18 or licensed drivers will not be eligible for the ODOT waiver card
  • Wait list is for Spring term only. It does not guarantee a spot for future registration.
  • There is a mandatory parent & student orientation (info will be printed on receipt & an email invite will be sent) failure to attend could cause student to miss first drive causing a $40 make up.  Check below for date and time to make sure you will be able to attend one. If you cannot attend the one at your location please contact the office. 

Orientation Date:               Redmond Proficiency Academy   Feb 5th 7:00 PM      Online via Zoom

   ** During registration, if your student’s permit begins with a “C” and you are having trouble entering it, use a “B” instead and email me so I can change it back on our end.  

If you have trouble registering please contact Rachel White at rachel.white@hdesd.org  or 541-693-5698