Curriculum Policy

A course may not be completed in fewer than 35 days and no more than 180 days. An extension beyond 180 days may be provided if there is compelling reason dealing with school, family or medical circumstances and has been agreed upon between the provider and parent before completion of the course.

Payment Plan Policy

High Desert Driver Education is a state-subsidized program through the High Desert Education Service District. Driver education is a very important program, but we understand the tuition may be difficult for families to pay all at once. We have introduced a Payment Plan Program to hopefully make this easier to manage. When Registering:

  • Choose the payment plan option at the end of the form.  This will be considered your first payment.
  • Please keep in mind that the last payment should be made 2 weeks prior to the last day of class. Exception: since summer courses are only 5 weeks, payment is due before the last class.

***Payment in full and successful completion of the course requirements will grant your student completion credit in their school and they will receive an ODOT-certified waiver card (if under age 18 and not licensed). Questions? Email Rachel White at rachel.white@hdesd.org

Scholarship Policy

Types of scholarships:

  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program Scholarship or SNAP Program
    • Scholarships are a $100 reduction in your fee for most locations.
    • You must purchase a scholarship plan through the registration process.
    • In order to qualify students must either be on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program or on SNAP. (This will be verified through the school district, or you must provide a letter from the institution as proof of qualification)
    • You will not receive correspondence from the Driver Education program unless you do not qualify.
    • Please keep in mind that your final payment should be made 2 weeks prior to the last day of class.
  • Hardship Scholarship
    • These scholarships vary depending on the situation.
    • We have a limited number of scholarships for hardship.
    • To apply, please email a short explanation of why you are in need of the scholarship to Rachel White at rachel.white@hdesd.org.
    • You must follow the registration process as normal and purchase a scholarship plan
    • You will then be notified of your scholarship status via email and assigned future payments according to the amount of the hardship granted as well as the dates and times of the class you have been assigned
    • Please keep in mind that the last payment is due 2 weeks prior to the last day of class
  • Crook County Discounts
    • Students that attend Crook County High School will automatically receive an additional $100.00 discount.  This is provided by a private party.
    • Crook County students must apply for a further reduction in fees (scholarship) as stated above
    • RPA students automatically receive an additional $100.00 school provided discount.

 Make-Up Policy

There will be a $40.00 additional fee for any missed Behind the Wheel Sessions.  Any missed homework and/or behind the wheel or classroom hours must be made up within 180 days of parent night. ABSOLUTELY NO MISSED CLASSES (BEHIND THE WHEEL OR CLASSROOM) DURING OUR 5 WEEK SUMMER SESSIONS!! If you will have a vacation planned during our summer sessions, please choose a later session to register for. 

Getting a license or turning 18

If you receive your license before completion of the course you will be charged a $65.00 fee

If you turn 18 before the course completion of the course you will be charged a $65.00 fee

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds must be requested via email to rachel.white@hdesd.org.  Please include a reason for your request.
  • No Refunds Granted if cancellation is received less than 5 Weekdays BEFORE First Classroom Instruction.

Photograph Policy

High Desert Driver Education uses photo, video, audio or other recorded likeness of students for any print, electronic or broadcast purposes. High Desert Driver Education may use these likenesses for teaching, communication or promoting the High Desert Driver Education program. There will be no financial or in-kind consideration for use of said likenesses. As the custodial parent or guardian of this child, I understand that I will be required to authorize consent.

Communication Policy

High Desert Driver Education will contact students via email, texting or by phone for classroom or behind the wheel scheduling or any information related to their Driver Education course.

Excused Absences

  1. A student may make-up a classroom session by attending one of our other classroom locations, you must have instructor approval.
  2. Students who miss more than 6 hours of classroom will be in jeopardy of failing the program.  A parent meeting will be required.
  3. If a student misses a behind-the-wheel lab, the student is required to make arrangements with the instructor for the make-up.  If the make-up can be completed during the regular schedule, there is no additional fee.  However, if an instructor has to make arrangements to come in outside of the regular schedule, we will be charged a $40 fee.
  4. Students and parents must let instructors know if they are going to be absent.  It is the responsibility of the student to confer with the instructor to determine the best way to make-up the class work and time missed in the classroom or behind-the-wheel.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO MISSED CLASSES (BEHIND THE WHEEL OR CLASSROOM) DURING OUR 5 WEEK SUMMER SESSIONS!! If you will have a vacation planned during our summer sessions, please choose a later session to register for. 

No Show and Make-Up Fees

It is our program policy to drive with two students in the car.  It is a major inconvenience when students do not show up for their scheduled drive.  A $40 fee will be required to make-up the missed drive.

Failing and Repeating a course

If a student fails and needs to repeat a course the cost of the course is $380.  Repeating students might be eligible to receive the ODOT waiver.  Please email rick.nickell@hdesd.org to get approval.


Punctuality is very important!  Please be on time for classroom and behind-the-wheel labs.  When students are late, it is a disruption to the program.  Three tardies will count as an absence and the student will be required to complete a driver education project or attend an additional class/lab.

Practice Driving Log

Students must complete 8 hours of supervised home practice driving before the end of the course (5 hours during the summer courses).  Parents and students will be provided a practice log sheet to record drives.  Each week, behind-the-wheel instructors will also ask students to practice maneuvers discussed during the lab.  It is very important to spread out the drive times.  Please do not do all drive hours at one time or in one area.  Take small steps and only do what your student can handle.  Students must bring their log sheet to behind-the-wheel labs every week!

The use of Alcohol and Other Drugs

A student who comes to class after consuming alcohol or other drugs is in violation of Oregon state law.  Any student who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will be immediately removed from the class/behind-the-wheel lab and parents will be called to pick up their student.  If the student/parents want to continue the course, a meeting will be scheduled with the student, parents, instructors and program managers.  If the student is removed from the program, no fees will be refunded.

Special Health Needs

A student information form (orange) will be provided at parent night.  Please fill it out completely, including any kind of health or learning issues that may have an effect on your student’s classroom or behind-the-wheel lab abilities.  It is very important for each student to have a safe and positive experience while in the program.  Please let us know if your student needs any special attention.

Program Policy Regarding Single Students during Behind-the-Wheel 

Parental approval is required for a single student to drive during a behind-the-wheel lab.

Missing a Required Parent/Student night

  • If a parent is unable to attend parent/student night, the student may come with another adult or family instead
  • If a parent AND student both cannot attend parent/student night for their location, they may attend at another location for that term
  • If both parent and student are unable to attend at another location, a parent night packet will be emailed and a meeting with the manager may be required